Product Awareness for Diabetes Drugs

India & Iran
F2F(CAPI) & Online
30 minutes

Study Objective

Marketing effectiveness and Awareness study to compare diabetes drugs or our client vs. their competitors.

Research Details
  • Markets: India& Iran
  • Methodology: F2F(CAPI) & Online
  • Respondent Group: Endocrinologists & Key Opinion Leaders(KOLs)
  • LOI: 30 minutes
  • Type: Marketing effectiveness and awareness study
Approach &Challenges
  • A mixed methodology of F2F, Online panel and phone to web, were employed.
  • The client wanted to visit the markets and attend some of the interviews
  • The F2F interviews can take longer as doctors can give additional input and may be called away to attend to patients.
  • Doctors may need to defer to their native language to respond comprehensively. A translator was present for F2F interviews.  
Key Takeaways

Our clients felt they gained greater insight and appreciation for local and cultural nuances attending the F2F interviews.

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