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GlocalMind - ISO Certified, Global Reach, Local Knowledge.

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Founded in 2010, GlocalMind is a service-driven healthcare data collection and research company.

We’re comprised of people passionate about healthcare and serving our clients.

We believe in transparent, thoughtful service for our clients in the pursuit of long-term relationships and trust.

The GlocalMind panel provides access to our 1.5 million+ healthcare professionals, in 50+ countries, across 80+ specialties and a wide range of conditions for both quantitative and qualitative insights.
Headquartered in the US, with teams in India and Europe, our supportive programming and project management team cover 18 of the 24hrs, to keep your project on track and help you sleep a little easier at night.

GlocalMind makes it easier.

Save countless hours by educating stakeholders about products, processes, people and events.


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GlocalMind is changing the game in your industry.

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Sandeep Sankhla

Founding Partner
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Vrinda Deval

Managing Partner
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Matthew Brown


Tim McCarthy

SVP - Client Services

Silvia Beck

Panel Director