What We Offer

GlocalMind connects you to Healthcare professionals, glocally.

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Qualitative & Quantitative Methodologies

Provide Access

We provide access to stakeholder groups, payers, allied healthcare professionals, physicians, and patients.


While we love the easy studies, we also excel and thrive on the complex multi-country, multi-specialty studies, patient record forms (PRFs), and list match studies.

Leveraging Our Knowledge Base

Bids are supplemented with insight into market, specialty, respondent, and universe size by leveraging our knowledge base of past studies, desk research, and the Glocal physician panelist advisory board.

Whether utilizing our panel, custom recruiting, or partner panels, we deliver a flat cost to help our clients better manage their budgets.
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Project Management

Up to 18 hours of PM support
Weekend support if needed
Single point of contact for multi-country projects to simplify communication
Adverse Events/Pharmacovigilance trained Project Managers with BHBIA and EphMRA certification
Same-day testing and launch for studies programmed by clients with 2 hour lead time

No fees, just data.

No up-front fees for non-proprietary panel

No list match fees

No audio recording fees for Qualitative projects

No call set-up fees for Qualitative projects

No invitation management fees

Here’s a quick run-down on how it works.

Step 1. We receive your request
Step 2. We assess feasibility using our proprietary system
Step 3. We prepare materials
Step 4. We send out targeted invitations to the healthcare stakeholders
Step 5. We collect their responses and validate the data
Step 6. We process the data to create a clean deliverable with supporting tables and charts
Step 7. We verify everything is received & accepted then pay the incentives to participants

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