Recruitment For A Community Ad-Board

10 Minutes Per Activity

Study objective

Recruit for a3-month long digital ad board as a part of a global digital research initiative to advise on digital programs and contents. Respondents were asked to perform short research tasks and share views on digital content and new digital formats.

Research Details

Methodology: Online
LOI: 10 minutes per activity
Target & Country:   Fertility specialists (reproductive endocrinologists / fertility specialists, Embryologists) or any doctor that prescribes injectable gonadotropins for ART treatment (IVF/ICSI); China (N=10)

  • Recruiting from a client list of400 names and the doctors had to be fluent in English.
  • Doctors in China do not check their inbox frequently, which was essential to be notified of a posted activity in the ad-board.
  • A single activity was released ata time, which made it challenging to keep the doctors engaged.
  • Chinese governmental Firewalls regulate both domestic and international internet traffic, which can cause issues for Doctors accessing survey links.
  • GlocalMind scheduled appointments for doctors on weekends to explain the ad-board and invite them to the community.
  • We worked closely with our client to determine when tasks would be released, to give doctors prior notice to maximize participation in a timely fashion.
  • Offered respondents higher incentive /staggered incentive to maximize participation in all the activities, reduce drop-out and entice lapsed participants.
  • We sent high-speed internet devices with our field team to aid the doctor's participation
  • Constant feedback to the client allowed for real-time evolution of the approach and activities to deliver the best insight and outcome.  

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